Important Info for Class

Fat Babes!  These classes are geared for individuals who identify as fat, or anyone who has felt marginalized/ unwelcome in dance.  While all bodies are ultimately welcome, these really are for fat folks to dance it out and feel amazing.

In an effort to keep our classes as safe as possible:

  • please disclose any physical injuries to the instructor so modifications can be provided.
  • dress code is very liberal.  Please wear clothing that you can move in (no denim, no heels, no restrictive stuff).
  • please wear socks or dance shoes. No runners.
  • the following won’t be tolerated: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia (including diet talk/ derogatory comments).  Anyone who feels like they need to discuss these topics during class will be asked to leave.

Additionally, I do use mirrors as a teaching tool.  Heads up.

Peace and love, y’alls.

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